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  1. First Week as a Grad Student
    01 Feb, 2018
    First Week as a Grad Student
    I have never been the star student. I become easily distracted but I love to learn. I am very scared of this next step because I cannot flake. This is a very professional world and not an easy one to succeed in. However, I have a goal, to become a Spanish Teacher and like everything I do, I will do whatever I can do to make it happen. It is going to take money, hard work, saying no to a lot of things but I am looking toward the end. One of my biggest fears in life in failing. I think that is
  2. Live and Learn: What to take from 2017
    20 Dec, 2017
    Live and Learn: What to take from 2017
    This year was one of the most significant years of my life. I hit 30 and I accomplished one of my life's dream to record my music. I gained and I lost in many aspects of my life.  But, through every experience, I "lived and learned" as my husband put it.  Here are my top 3 lessons I’m taking into the new year. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS AND MEET NEW PEOPLE For the past five years, this has been one of my biggest fears.  Mainly because as soon as I moved to NYC I made a friend who I
  3. 3 Things to Look out for Before Posting Your Children's First Day of School Photos
    15 Aug, 2017
    3 Things to Look out for Before Posting Your Children's First Day of School Photos
    Family and friends that know me personally know how I feel about posting photos of my child. I do not photos of his face on social media sites. Number one reason, I respect his privacy. My son is not aware of what social media is and I simply prefer that one day he makes that decision whether he wants to share his life on the web or not. Number two, for his safety.  Facebook and other sites are not as private as you think they are. For example anyone can access your profile photos on Facebook.
  4. Disponible ya en la mayoria de tiendas digitales.
    09 Jun, 2017
    La historia tras Nostalgia EP por Judith
    NOSTALGIA EP Hace un año nació la idea tras Nostalgia.  Después de un tiempo de luto, dolor, aflicción, depresión, nostalgia y tristeza, me puse a escribir. Saque mi diario de canciones, saque mi guitarra, me senté en la sala,  y empecé a reconstruir mi corazón. No ha sido la primera vez.  Canciones que había escrito varios años atrás tocaban lo más profundo de mis pensamientos y emociones.  Después de tanto tiempo de felicidad y amor, vuelve Dios hablarme por medio de esta colección, el


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